Safety Tips for solenoid water valve and help for two water pump in parallel

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1. Please give me some advice for solenoid water valve 220v AC
Is 6mm2 Bonded wire enough ?, or I needs larger ?, what's size I needs ? (In China BC wire size is 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, ... till 500mm2)
2. For safety is two water pump in parallel system, with 2 solenoid valve, is bonded wire and RCCB 30ma enough to protects that installation ?
3. Where is ground bonding wire is need to install ?, solenoid valve body, water pump body ?, pipe is from PVC
4. Do you think if I use 2 pump parallelly with 33 liters per minute capacity, is enough to make water output at ~50-60 liters per minute ?

*solenoid valve 220v AC with metal body, pump is 2x 220v AC 3a with metal body, pump is located only 2 meters from lightning arrester ground rods, and bonded wire is connected directly to arrester and also main ground system


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1) What are the Amperage Ratings of the 2 Solenoid Valves ?
What does you local Electrical-Code say about wire sizes ?

2) A special Ground-Fault-Circuit-Breaker is always a good safety feature, BUT,
All Motors should have a "Bond-Wire" directly to a good Grounding-System.
Check your local Electrical-Code for Wire Sizes.
Normally, the Bond-Wire Size should be able to
easily handle the full Amperage-Rating of your Circuit-Breaker or Fuses,
without Over-Heating, or, excessive Voltage-Drop.

3) The Solenoids should have a built-in Ground-Screw, IF, they have a Metal Cover.
Epoxy covered Solenoid Coils, with NO Metal Cover, do not get a Bond-Wire.

4) 33L per minute .........
What type of Pump ??? Centrifugal, Positive-Displacement ???
At what pressure (Head) ???
With what sized Pipe ???
Do you have any flow restrictions, like an Inlet-Screen ???
How many Bends are in your Pipes ???
How long are your Pipes ???
The Pump manufacturer should have "Performance-Charts" that will provide more information.
The Pipes and Fittings can seriously reduce the amount of Flow.

Using a "Tee" Fitting to connect the 2 Pumps is a bad idea,
and will seriously reduce the Total-Flow-Capacity.