solenoid valve

  1. J

    Need to drop AC current

    I need help dropping current though a water solenoid valve. I have a dauquiri machine that needs water running through it when the compressor is on. Rather than have to turn on/off water manually, I added a 110v water inlet valve that gets power only when the compressor is on. The valve is a...
  2. S

    Turbocharger Electronic Valve Control

    Hi, I have seen that the H bridge method is used to drive the valves required to use the turbocharger feature in the engines, why do they prefer this? There is no DC motor, they open and close an electromechanical pressure control valve at a certain rate? What could be the reason for doing this...
  3. Trapbarn

    Solenoid to discharge slowly

    I have a 12volt DC solenoid that opens and closes a water valve. It opens the valve instantaneously which is great. I have it coupled up to a hose and sprinkler activated by a 12v PIR and use it as a fox/cat deterrent. The problem is it that the valve instantaneously which causes a massive...
  4. meowsoft

    Safety Tips for solenoid water valve and help for two water pump in parallel

    1. Please give me some advice for solenoid water valve 220v AC Is 6mm2 Bonded wire enough ?, or I needs larger ?, what's size I needs ? (In China BC wire size is 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, ... till 500mm2) 2. For safety is two water pump in parallel system, with 2 solenoid...
  5. K

    Solenoid valve issue

    Hello, I am trying to fix a pump and need to check a solenoid valve (KIP inc ref 1X 1006), but impossible to find data on it or the company website, neither to check whether it is normally open or normally closed (although I think it is NC). I have no particular mechanical skills, so sorry if...
  6. S

    RC snubber circuit for 220V AC solenoid valve

    Hello fine people! I've got a 220v AC solenoid valve which I want to control through a 5v relay module with rasp pi. As I've understood, I have to add an RC snubber circuit in series in order to protect the relay. And this is where I need help. I need to figure out what resistor and what...
  7. D

    is there a relay or solenoid valve that support 4 5 times open and close per second ?

    hello everybody ... for a project i want to use the pneumatic for sorting purpose is there any solenoid valve pneumatic with that features ... ? if not whats the fastest relay i can use for my project ? is it the simple way possible that complete my project without relay or solenoid valves ???
  8. F

    How much current can a tin solder track handle?

    I'm working on a DIY project where I need to control some 9V solenoid valves with an arduino. I don't have the tools to make a PCB myself, so i choosed to work on perfboards. Now, I have to connect power supply (MeanWell ) to the step down regulator (Polou D36V50F9) that powers the solenoid...
  9. T

    Powering a Solenoid Valve with batteries

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to power a solenoid valve with AA, AAA or 9v batteries for an extended period of time? I can make it work with 8 AA batteries, but after a couple of hours they run out of power and the valve stops working. Worth mentioning that my project requires the solenoid valve...