S19 95TH Immersion cooling Fan Control Error

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Hello everyone,

I bought a used Antminer S19 95TH/s and it's extremely noisy. If I knew it beforehand, I wouldn't have bought it.
For the solution, I have changed the less noisier fans Which are connected externally and I was unable to resolve the error, also the (red light) is continuously on and I haven't mined anything since last 50 days which is super bad and it's a complete waste of investment. To dissolve the issue I bought the immersion cooling liquid. Since I am unable to resolve the error I haven't dipped it into the immersion liquid because it's under Warranty. I'm assuming. Applying these practices would affect the warranty claim so I am not risking it.

The miner works perfectly well but I don't want to keep the Stock fans and also it is not recommended for immersion.

I tried to switch the miner to HiveOS for resolving the issue but unfortunately, that does required an SD Card with the firmware on it. I have the SD Card slot though but I wanted to make sure if that is only the solution.

As immersion Coolant dissolve the plastic and rubber material, I received these instructions by the manufacturer of the immersion coolant. Every manufacturer of dielectrical coolant is using the same ingredient (Mineral Oil) and the mineral oil dissolve these things overtime. Not sure of the SD card though. I'm researching this topic since several days and I got a solution in which I need to modify fans in a firmware and put the hard stop if the miner temperature increases 80 Celsius. They haven't told how to modify the firmware that specifically to get rid of the fan speed errors and saving the miner from burning.

If you guys have any idea please let me know. I'm very new to Asic mining and I completely don't know how this works. Any help will be much appreciated.
Secondly, I don't know where to read logs and how to find the error in the log.