Running 6 1 phase motors on 1 3 phase VFD?

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Hi, im stumped. One of my co workers wants to do a solution where they run 6 single phase motors off a 1 three phase inverter... I am not entirely sure if it is even possible to get it to do anything. Anyone has any thoughts on why this might be really bad idea besides the fact that it is as far as one can get from what those things are made for...


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This is a good idea because it balances the load among the three phases. This is what they do in factories with lotsa motors. These factories also put a bunch of capacitors on each leg to counter the inductive load and reduce power factor as close to zero as possible. You know,
Z = R + jX.....


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I once retro fitted a double end lathe where both head stock spindles where controlled by the same VFD, IOW they had to rotate at exactly the same RPM as the material was clamped by both head-stocks,
The manuf. WEG assured me it would work for identical motors.
It turned out fine.
I would be hesitant to use 6 motors on one VFD, particularly if not all identical motors.