Running 12 volt 1 amp device from battery of 12 volts 100 amperes

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I want to run my internet router which has power of i12 V - 1A . Can I run it directly from a battery of 12 V -100 amp current. Will my device be damaged due to the high amperes of current. Or will it work fine despite this difference


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Your device will only draw the current that it needs. Not drawing the maximum current that the battery can supply only means the battery will provide approximately +12V for a longer period of time before it needs to be recharged.


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Unless ur device shorts out and burns the cables.
A fuse is a good idea placed as close as possible to the battery


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the problem might arise
  1. if router has internal regulator and requires input voltage higher of certain level
  2. if your router requires an input voltage strictly inside certain ±percent range (is what the SMPS supply)
  3. if you mistakenly connect it with wrong polarity (usually the core is Plus , shell is Minus - for tubular connector - and it may be printed on router near DC input - i have seen and reverse polarity plugs/devices - not so often)


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Your car radio, which takes a few amps, runs from your car battery, which can deliver several hundred amps, and it does that without a problem.
Why would you think your router is different from the radio?