Running a 12V Solenoid using a 14.8 Volt Battery

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In a project I'm currently building I need to operate a 12v Solenoid and I'm not sure which battery to purchase, an 11.1V or a 14.8V. I don't want the voltage to drop to quickly and require frequent battery changes but I also don't want to blow the solenoid up. Is 14.8 an acceptable voltage to run?


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First get the solenoid you are going to use ... try it at different voltages , then choose the lowest voltage which is acceptable ...11.1V will probably do , this is a 3s lithium ion/pol battery , it will have 12.6 V when fully charged ...

You could use 4s lithium Iron , each cell has a slightly lower voltage , 4 are a better mach for 12V


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You can have either the 14.8v or 11.1V battery with a 12v buck or boost converter for powering the solenoid and keep things in the target voltage.
Then based on your battery life requirements, budget and available space choose the proper capacity for the battery.

If you don't want to use a converter you will have to test how the solenoid behaves with the voltages. If you use the 14.8v battery, when fully charged will go up to 16.8V which might heat up your solenoid or even burn it.
On the other hand 11.1V battery, fully charged is around 12.6V which should be good but when discharged can go less than 10V that might make the solenoid weak or not actuate at all.


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Yes that is true. But that doesn't apply in all solenoids in the market and since there is no specific part, that is the best way to be safe.

I agrre most solenoids work in a wide range but I had cases of actiators not being strong enough to push at less than 10V or stuff getting hot when going higher than 15V.
But then again, it always depends on the aplication and system requirements.