Run a 120vdc motor on home 120vac

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Easel Gord

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I am making a small table top wood saw with a 5" circular blade.
Have dc motor from a friend that worked ok . It came out of a 1/2hp garage door opener
I like the motor because of its size and weight and expect it will run fairly quietly.
The label on the motor says 120vdc 900 watts 1/2 hp (picture attached).
The motor pulley will be connected to a 14" long 5'8" arbor with a v belt.
I would like to be able to control the motor speed .
Been a carpenter for 50 year and now make toys and models in my apartment and live on a small pension. Any help would be appreciated.



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I doubt it will be that low a duty cycle, the thing to do is monitor the motor temp, a fan may be necessary.
You may not find the rpm suitable for a table saw, however.