rule for distance between phased arrays

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yef smith

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Hello,i have build a phased array row.
i need to create a 9 row structure,thus i am creating a 2D array.

is there some logic for choosing the distance between rows?
maybe it creates somehow steering?


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Yes, the beam is steered by adjusting the relative phases of the signals to/from the elements the spacing between the elements are critical to which direction the beam points for a given set of phase relationships.

That’s all I can say on the topic.


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The most basic restriction is usually the avoidance of grating lobes when you scan by changing the relative phasings of the rows. You work this out from the range of scan angles you need. Half-wave spacing is as large as you can go and avoid grating lobes whilst maintaining full scanning range.

Knowing nothing about your problem, it's impossible to give detailed advice. Being homework, you learn by trying things out.

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yef smith

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Hello Tesla23,my 1D phased array row is ok regarding distance between elements to avoid grating lobes i have used
the distance <wavelength .

I have done this by calculating 1D array factor.

so you say i need to creat a 2D array factor with replicas of my 1D phased array to see the full grating lobes?