RGB computer cases bad for eyes? Or even just plain annoying?

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I'm wanting to get a case like this one for my son but I have only had blacked out computer cases. Would LOADS of RGB lights cause eye burn to be worse? He will be playing games at night. Seems that having lights may get on ones nerves as well. I will have it so he can turn off the lights if need be though. So yes. Please! Thoughts and opinions please. Any of yall rocking cases like this?



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Won't cause any harm. May be annoying though. I have a wireless charger base that has a Plexiglass rim that glows brightly in a pulsating pattern. I can't sleep with it doing that. So I keep that charger in the living room by my favorite chair where I sit and nap every evening while pretending to watch TV. For some reason the lights and the TV don't keep me up but that annoying blue pulsing light drives me nuts. I know - I know - short drive.


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Any light - bright enough - is hazardous. That blue light seems to be the most intense of all the colors available in LED format.