Rewiring an electric recliner

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I purchased an electric recliner 2 years ago and the unit has been discontinued by the supplier. The connector box of the recliner actuator has short so the unit works intermittently. I cannot source a new motor with all the connections so am looking for a wiring diagram for the power hand control unit that has 5 button to control two motors via a pair of 5 pin connectors. It is used for to operate a recline motor and headrest motor in one unit. The control has a USB outlet to power mobile devices and the fifth button is used to reset headrest and recline position. Part # MLSK35-G. The unit I need is a Mulin ML8-239 motor that has connections for the head rest, power and the had control unit. This part houses a sealed connector box. This is what I need to rewire. The 5 pin connect has 6 wires ( +29V, GRD, M1+, M1-, M2+ and M2- wires) that I need to connect to 3x2 wires for the power, headrest motor and receliner motor.