Reverse current in SMPS power supply

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I am using SMPS power supply to drive a DC motor and this works perfectly when the trigger switch is press the motor spin as intended...but when the trigger is release to stop the power supply turns off a right away. In order to turn the power supply on i have to go to the main power socket (home AC power) to unplug and plug it in again. This happens over and over again to the level i have to come here to ask to get rid of the extreme annoyance.

My questions are

1. Is this a reverse current effect?
2. If yes how can I make a circuit protection to prevent it from happening. And
3. Where do i put the reverse current circuit if i were to put it? Is it between the SMPS power supply and the motor? OR between SMPS power supply and the main (home AC power)?

Note: I read somewhere that when the trigger stops but the motor still spinning -- during the spinning process it generates some voltage back to the SMPS power supply and thus turns it off. What could be the possible solution if this is the problem?

Hope someone can help this one i am tired of unplugging / plugging the power supply
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