Replacing old audio jacks with headphone jacks.

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Al Vincent Musa

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I have a pair of speakers that uses old colored jacks that says audio and and input. I wanted to replace it with headphone jacks .The headphone jack has three wires colored gold, red, blue. Can somebody tell how to place those wires correctly into the speakers. Im just doing some sort of experiments lol.


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Your description isn’t really enough to understand what you are trying to do, only to guess at it.

Photos could help.


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You probably can't do this. The output impedance for most colored jacks is for driving speakers of 4 to 16 ohms. A set of headphones have impedances of 600 ohms and above. If you were to connect your headphones to your output jacks, you would most likely destroy one or both of them.


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Quite a lot of headphones are lower impedance, like 32 ohms. I've often run small efficient speakers directly from the headphone jacks of portable music players.
In fact, MOST entertainment class earphones are either 32 ohms, or sort of close to 32 ohms. There are also some 8 and 16 ohm older ones still around.
The 600 ohm ones are more the communications, aircraft intercom, or similar type. Also in some tactical military "stuff. " (that description is intentionally not very descriptive)

And, that description in post #1 does not provide any useful information. What sort of connections?Where do the wires come from? and the tags "audio" and "input" don't help much "Input" could be a power connection for an amplified speaker set, like those for computers.