Repairing a treadmill

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Ok, should start off by saying I have a VERY basic knowledge of electronics. I know most of the basic components and what they do but how everything works together start flying over my head in a hurry. I am motivated and love to learn though.

So I just got a treadmill that has been sitting for a few years, worked great before it stored and was hardly used even then.

After quite a bit of messing around with it and getting squat out of the motor, I took the plastic cover off the motor and control board. I noticed a few things right away.

1: There was a lot of dirt and junk on the board which I promptly blew off with compressed air.

2: The big capacitor looks like it was leaking and got real hot at one point. Along with possibly the things sandwiched between the heatsinks.

So I plugged it back in and tried turning it on. Well now things start getting strange. As soon as I turn the machine on (NOT starting the treadmill, just hitting the power button) the motor starts turning. It will not stop or slow down/speed up no matter what is done on the control panel.

The diagnostic test also gets zero response out of it, it just keeps spinning.

Now I know it was a bad idea but in frustration I wanted to see if the capacitor was getting hot (it wasn't) or anything so I tapped it and got a low level shock, like half a wall outlet. Pretty sure thats not supposed to happen.

So I am pretty much positive the cap is bad but would that alone cause these kind of issues? Anything else stand out in the pictures?

Most importantly, is it worth trying to fix this? It is a nice treadmill and would really like to get it working but no way I can afford to pay someone to do it or buy another control board.

Here are the pictures:

Thanks for any advice!
Hi.i want port number of mosfet and shotki diod for this board.can you help me?

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