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    Aug 25, 2014
    In a corner of my place I can only barely hear the door bell rings. It is a wired door bell with a press-to-make button outside wired to a musical door bell speaker insider. I am trying to add a wireless door bell to it so that when visitor press the ouside button, both bells ring. The wireless door bell has a trigger part and a speaker part. I tear down the enclosure of the trigger part, lead 2 wires from a press button inside it and connect them to the terminals of the wired door bell speaker. But then both bells keep on ringing even without pressing any button.

    The wired bell speaker uses 3V battery and has 2 terminals, R & G, used to connect to the external button. Normally, R has 2.65V and G is grounded to the negative of the battery. The wrieless bell button uses 12V battery and the leads I added to its button are A & B. Normally A has 11.3V and B has 1.3V relative to its battery negative. With these I added a transistor and a resistor (jpg attached)
    [​IMG] It works. But 2 problems:
    1. If I touch G with my finger, the wired bell rings.
    2. Though both bells ring when the external button is pressed, the musical tone of the wired bell is slower. Until the wireless bell finish ringing (wired bell rings longer than wireless bell), the musical tone will back to normal.

    Please help me solve these 2 problems, or suggest a better solution. Thank you in advance.