Help - Relaying a switched motor

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I'm busy rebuilding my father's car and the window winder cables and connectors are a bit old. They work fine but very very slow due to voltage drop.

I have checked direct power to the motors and then they run like mad!

Instead of redoing all the wiring and connectors - I tried cleaning contacts - doesn't work - I want to run power direct from the battery to the motor and have the original wiring just switch a relay.

Sourcing new power to the start of the window winder switch is not going to work eithe as that switch is pretty old as well and gives a bit of voltage drop as well.


The motor is not grounded. It has two wires coming from it.

If you connect them 12v - Ground - they go up
If you connect them Ground - 12v - they go down

So. I can relay them but in my mind I only see a 6 relay option per door with a large amount of wiring.

Is there a simple way of doing this? I understand relays but I can't wrap my head around this one to find a simple elegant solution.

Your help in this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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