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  1. Vindhyachal Takniki

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    Nov 3, 2014
    1. I have read on internet that refresh purpose on windows:
    "Refresh the desktop is actually used to update the display or reproduce the look of the desktop after a change. Refresh the desktop does not work to renew the condition of RAM, and do not clean your computer or your computer refreshing. Therefore refresh the desktop does not contribute any increase in performanceon computer performance."

    2. I have noticed the same.

    3. But sometimes i have also noticed like if I play heavy games on PC & sometimes it starts running slow like in slow motion or someting due to heavy processing, then if I press window home button & on desktop click refresh button multiple time & then again go to games, it start running smoothly.
    Is it some sort of myth?
  2. Ramussons

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    May 3, 2013

    Desktop Refresh updates the Video RAM that contains the desktop display information. Nothing more.

    Question 3 needs some more elaboration. Are you shutting down the game when doing all this? Maybe this game requires more System RAM .... more Video RAM.... Is your computer meeting the requirements for the game?