Reflections and Matching mediums material

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Hi guys, I've three regions that first region is meduim material that its reflective index is n1, the second region is n2, the thrid region is n1 - analogy to fabry perot ... n1 | n2 | n3
I want to decide the value of reflective index n2 in order to have a matched fabry perot or actually in order to not having implicitly reflection - all the incident power are transmitted out to third region .. how could I decide the value of n2 in order to do that matching? thanks alot.
it's given that the length of n2's region is lamda/4 -distance between first region to third region- ...

What Im trying to do is to find n2 in terms of n1, n3 or actually the value of n2 that leads to matching the incident power to arrive third region without reflections ..
and if this problem is already solved as would be appreciated if could anyone attach me the solution, thanks alot.
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Microwave Fabri-Perot?? Oh my... However probably this idea is not so mad as sounds.
Didnt recognized what You want about? Math?? Just take the ready solution from optics manuals.
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