reduce RTD resistance output from 1000 ohm to 100 ohm

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Brad Selmon

Joined Feb 8, 2016
I have some 1000 ohm Resistance Temperature Devices.

My input board only accepts 100 ohm RTDs.

Is there a passive component that could "step down" that signal ?


Joined Mar 2, 2015
I guess you could put 111 ohm precise low tempco resistor in parallel.
The problem with that approach is that the parallel combination has only 1/10th the sensitivity of an actual 100Ω RTD. Instead of the normal 3850 ppm/°C it would have only 385 ppm/°C.

Designing signal conditioning circuits for RTDs is already a non-trivial task for all but the most crude, non-demanding applications. Reducing the RTD's sensitivity tenfold would make achieving any useful level of accuracy and stability a MAJOR challenge.