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If you spend any time here on AAC you quickly learn the regulars all contribute to this community in their own style and with their own expertise. Nearly everyone—if not actually everyone—who is a regular poster on the forums helps both neophytes and each other with problems, projects, and learning. It’s what makes it worth spending time here regularly.

Without creating a negative space, or diminishing in any way the different contributions of others, I really want to recognize the unique contributions of @ericgibbs

Not only does Eric shoulder the sometimes thankless job of moderator, he also has an amazing patience with the “hard of helping”. Many TSs suffer from an inability to be helped. Sometimes it’s a language barrier, sometimes it’s disorganized thinking, sometimes it’s confusion about what the parameters of free help are—whatever the case, if @ericgibbs engages he tenaciously, politely, and patiently hangs in there if there seems to be a glimmer of hope the TS will actually learn to be helped and have success.

Of course, this would be of much use his excellent and extensive technical skills that make the helping possible.

So, without diminishing anyone else whose style and skill set might be different, I want to say I admire Eric and have learned things from watching him, as well as been reminded of things I knew but had pushed to the back of my mind.

I am sure each of you similarly admires other people here (as I do) but sometimes people aren’t recognized before they aren’t around to know they are admired and I really think Eric deserves to know that he is.

Thanks, Eric.

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“Many TSs suffer from an inability to be helped.”

Exactly! And not limited to this forum, BTW.

Unfortunately, a poorly worded problem description also causes the veterans to understand the problem quite differently, with a war of words ensuing.

To be of assistance, the best trait one must have is the patience of Job. (Job, from the Old Testament)