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Unfortunately, that's the part of the photo not in focus but it looks like the remnants of a high current diode that was once in a ceramic package. Similar to these:



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Agree it was likely a diode. It may have been for reverse polarity protection since it is located next to the fuses.


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Certainly the component used to be a diode. For help with determining a suitable replacement we will need to see the portion of the circuit that contains that diode.

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Thanks a lot guys! Definitely seems like a diode, any way for me to known what size of diode it is?

The device is a 12v to 220v inverter capable of 700w.


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As others have said, it's a diode of some kind. By "Some Kind" I mean it could be a number of different types of diodes. I think @Yaakov is right - probably a power diode.

BEFORE YOU REPLACE IT - it's important to know why it blew. It's also likely that other components have also blown out. It could be a failure caused by the diode - it could be the result of another failure somewhere on the board that blew out the diode.

A few years ago I had an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) for my computer. The battery had reached the end of its life so it needed replacing. Simple enough. But I just had to probe some of the circuitry with my meter. BANG! Something popped! It was one of the inverter MOSFET's that had blown out just because I might have touched something by accident. I tried fixing it but as soon as I replaced the MOSFET and powered it up - BANG! The new MOSFET blew. It's now sitting in my scrap pile.


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Measure the diameter of the leads from the diode body to the PCB. They are somewhat proportional to the current that has to be handled. Assume 700-1000V for an 220vAC inverter.