Rechargeable lipo circuit question

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Okay guys so I am pressed for space in this design. The circuit is simple with a lipo, led, resistor, switch, and the recharging module. As you can see in the photo my original design was to place the whole circuit with the recharging module all together inside my device. The recharging module has an easy terminal for the battery +/- to connect and then comes with separate battery + / ground pins where I ran my circuit off of ( see picture).

However due to space requirements I would like to have only the lipo, led, resistor, and switch inside my device, and then attach these magnetic connectors to the circuit, they are rated for power and can recharge like MagSafe on a Mac, this way I can attach one of the magnetic chargers to the circuit +/- , have it Mounted on the outside of my project, and then attach the other magnetic charger to the +/- inputs on the rechargeable module. This way the lipo can still be recharged safely with the module but I can leave the module out of my main design And just use it externally when charging the device. This saves me 50% on space.

My question is how I can wire the magnetic charger to a simple Lipo, Led, resistor and switch circuit. Can I just place it anywhere in the circuit? Would it work if I had 2 wires coming off the + and 2 wires coming off the - terminals on the battery? So one set of wires went to the magnetic charger, and the other set of wires went to my led / switch / resistor?