Receiving sensor data from Nodemcu 8266 and to Android code for interfacing

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  1. klamgade

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    Jul 8, 2016
    So far I am able to connect android client with nodemcu wifi-server on my home wifi network. And, display the entire result on browser providing the ip address and port of my esp8266(nodemcu) wifi- server as a web page.
    However, now i am making my own android app. Here i am able to make a client-server connection. But, I am willing to grab the sensors value resulted (the variable used i.e "t" for temperature as in image below) and displayed on my nodemcu IDE(Esplorer). And, use that value in my android code to display on my own app.

    Any ideas or reference to learn related contents with android code would be really appreciable. Thanks a lot in advance!!
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    contact with me me also working on it

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