Real Time Clock Project

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I am required to make a real time clock to display minutes and hours time and display this on a Altera board via seven segment display
I have currently designed the
Frequency Divider: Converts FPGA Board 50 Mhz to 1 hz
BCD 0-9 Counter: Counts from 0-9
My problem is, I have created the Mod 6 counter to count from 0-6, however I need to
trigger this counter to begin counting when BCD 0-9 counter reaches 1001 or 9
For this I have a Wrap output on the BCD where if the time reaches 1001 the wrap output will be logic high (1)
I am having issues connecting this output from BCD 0-9 counter to trigger my Mod 6 counter.
I attempted to use port map to solely port the Wrap signal but I get errors as all inputs/output of a port map
component needs to be used. Please offer assistance as to how I can trigger the MOD 6 counter once BCD 0-9 Counter reaches the count
i have also attached a 10 second counter i created, if this can be used to achieve what i want to also