Real High Precision Timing Sources


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I still have 90V and 135V Burgess batteries I used for the plate voltage in my "handheld" transmitter. Wonder if they are still good? I hope so, then I can avoid buying a NE555 for $0.06 each. ;)


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I don't know why so many people promote use of 555 timer when they could have
this -

and this (memory cell) -

Get rid of all those crazy ICs like micros and go back to the good old days is my motto.

Regards, Dana.
I used this concept to build a mystery box back in the early 60's It had nine neons (three rows of three) in miniature indicator lamp housings mounted on a 3" square panel glued on the front of a little box that contained the battery, capacitors and resistors. The neons blinked briefly at about once every five seconds, but they were all slightly different so they blinked randomly. I had it for about a month. My insurance broker was so intrigued with it that I gave it to him. I often wondered how long it continued to blink for.