RCD safety outlets with 110v stepdown transformer

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I have a question about using RCD safety outlets with 220v-110v step-down transformer.

Im in the process of restoring an old steam engine toy heated by a 110v nichrome wire element(400w).
There was no power cord with it so I made one up with a 3 wire 110v lead and a two pin appliance plug that has an earth contact.

As I live in Australia, I purchased, what is probably a single winding 500w step-down transformer(cheap), but Im thinking this will not trip an RCD on the 220v side of the winding.
To protect the user, I would like to put a 110v RCD outlet in between the element cable and the step-down transformer. Something like this but 110-120v https://www.jaycar.com.au/single-rcd-safety-switch-outlet/p/MS4013

The problem is I cant find one.
Are they made?

Can I use a 220-240v inline RCD cable and rewire it with the US plug and two pin appliance plug?

TIA for advice.