RC522 RFID Reader waiting for TAG, when I need Main Loop to run constantly

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Main Loop worked great.

RFID read, write and display worked great.

Combined the two, and the RFID is waiting for a TAG to be read ... preventing the Main Loop from running constantly.

How can I have the RFID reader constantly available for new TAGs, yet keep my Main Loop running constantly?

Code below, RFID library that is called is attached:
void loop() {

    if ( ! mfrc522.PICC_IsNewCardPresent()) {           // Look for new RFID cards

        return; }

    if ( ! mfrc522.PICC_ReadCardSerial()) {             // Select one of the RFID cards

        return; }

    mfrc522.PICC_DumpToSerial(&(mfrc522.uid));          // Dump debug info about the card. PICC_HaltA() is automatically called.

  if (mfrc522.uid.uidByte[0] == 0x61) {                 //


  } else {



  Serial.println();                                     // Go to next line

  // read the state of the vibration sensor latch

  HITState = digitalRead(HITPin);     // vibration sensor latched ON by debounce circuitry?

                                      // if it is, the HITState is HIGH

  if (HITState == HIGH) {       

    digitalWrite(CLEARHITPin, HIGH);  // reset debounce circuitry

    delay(500);                       // wait for 1/2 second

    digitalWrite(CLEARHITPin, LOW);   // complete reset of debounce circuitry

  LEDS = LEDS-1;           // set LEDS variable for number of LEDs to light

  switch (LEDS) {          

    case 0:   

      analogWrite(BARGRAPHPin, 00);   // 0  LEDs ON


    case 1:   

      analogWrite(BARGRAPHPin, 13);   // 1  LED  ON     



  } else {


    delay(50);                       // wait for 0.05 second

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Using interrupts is a great idea, and alternatively there might be a way to make a non-blocking read call to your device. Perhaps poll the device to see if data is waiting. You would have to see the docs for the device or its driver/library to determine this.