Range hood control not working

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We have a range hood at home and the control panel isn’t working properly. It seems to be a glass front panel which sits over a proximity-style switch panel (sorry if I’m not using the right terms).
See photos attached.
We replaced the circuitry which included the switch (as seen in one of the photos) but and it works perfectly well.
however when the switch is placed back behind the glass panel it doesn’t work.
It seems that the issue is around the glass or the switches picking up the touch.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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If it seems to function as intended with direct contact, but not with the glass in between, that points toward either poor contact with whatever conductive coating is on the back of the glass, or else excessive leakage due to surface contamination. Or a conductive coating may have been cleaned away by excessive cleanliness.


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All the rest of the switches seem to have a spring-thing sticking out of their holes. Is a similar part supposed to go with the power switch?