Radio Frequency Vacuum Kiln

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Emmett Scully

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I'm trying to design a radio frequency vacuum wood kiln, a bit like the one here:

But I want to do it cheaply, so I was thinking of getting a 5.5KW 13.56MHz radio transmitter from ebay.

I would like to avoid using a hydraulic press. I don't know if the one in the video is relying on the conductivity of the wood, if it is, then my design will be more difficult to get right.

I have done radio frequency engineering in I.T, but that was a while ago, and I was not a very good student. But I have taken measurements with antennas, and am at least familiar with the terminology.

My question is, if I get an RF transmitter and hook the transmitter output to a positive plate, and then the ground to a negative plate, will the EM field be modulated between the plates, or do I have to get the impedance of the antenna plate correct, and does it need to be 11 meters long in order to get good efficiency?