R-com PRO 20 powersupply failure?

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Hello everyone!
Thanks in advance for the effort.

My parents have an (old) incubator from R-com (NEW 20 PRO) that has a problem with the power supply.
During the start-up of the machine, it cuts out (you get the idea that it is without voltage), after which it only wants to start up again after some time. According to my parents, this happens when the desired temperature has been reached in the incubator.
I did notice that it can be restarted faster if you blow cold air on the circuit board, so I have the idea that it is an overheating problem?

On previous inspection, I noticed that component U2 (TOP224YN AC/DC) gets very hot, but since there is a cooling fin on it I assume that is normal?

On a French forum I read that component TH1 (STR4A60, a Bi-Directional Triode Thyristor) and U1 (MOC3041, a Zero-Cross TRIAC Driven Optocoupler) are critical components. The problem is that no solution has been found there either.

Would any of you be able to give us some advice as to what caused the incubator to fail?