Quick question about SCR controller

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I'm trying to control a heating element with a AC 4000 watt scr voltage controller from ebay but it doesn't seem to be lowering the circuit power.. even when turned all the way down the element gets too hot. When testing the terminals with a voltmeter the voltage doesn't change when turning the knob either.

Im not sure if I bought a faulty controller or I'm using the wrong device for this particular application?

How can I make sure my scr controller is working correctly or is there a better way to control my heating element? Any advice will be appreciated.

FYI the power source is 220v AC and the element is 102 ohm. The controller is rated 4000 watt

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Dick. Not sure I can give any more info than I already have. Its a 220v AC rcs controller rated 4000 watt.

Here is the link to the product

Anyone with experience with rcs controllers know if they should be able to kill the circuit when turned all the way down? If so it would mean mine has to be busted since it heats the element when turned to 0 volts.


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A quick google of "ubuy.za.com" yielded some less than savory results. Have you looked at more reputable vendors?

Here's one that I've used:


It's been reliable so far. I'm using two banks of 5 of them with various sizes (100 to 1200 watts) of heaters. After about 3 years of use, none of them have failed. The only thing that might bring you to consternation is the 4-20mA control.


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Don't buy electronics from Ebay/Alibaba/Amazon that may burn your house down. <---- best advice ever.

I expect you bought a potato(figurative).