Question related to Labview and MyDaq

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Hey everyone, I am taking a course right now that uses a small amount of labview. I am new to Labview but have done some experimentation on my own using my NI MyDaq I had from a past course. In my course now we were given a completed block diagram to build, that uses formula nodes and were instructed to build it and observe the low pass filter created by using the formula nodes and a simulated input. I am not well versed in Labview, and was surprised by the formula nodes.

I am looking to mess around on my own using the myDaq, unrelated to my class, and was wondering if formula nodes can be used with actual data from the myDaq or if those only affect simulated data. Thanks, I hope this isn’t too vague,I am just looking to have some fun testing circuits while learning the capabilities of Labview and learn what I can do with old equipment I have