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Does anyone know if I can underpower a ceramic transducer and still get it to work, but just at a lower power? The transducer in question requires 10 watts, but since I'm using it experimentally on myself, my research suggests I should be at 1-2 watts.

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10W is not the required power. Instead, 10W is the absolute maximum power it can withstand if it is cooled properly.
Of course it will work if you feed it 1-2W but with a reduced output level.

You must feed it its rated frequency or it will work poorly.


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I observe not one single word about the drive voltage or the drive current or the mounting arrangement or the connection scheme or the operating temperature. In short, NONE of what you need to know to create a suitable drive circuit.
and certainly to do anything useful the transducer will need to be mounted, connected, and driven with some voltage at some frequency. And that may also depend on the application, which we do not know, either.
So there is a whole lot not mentioned and even more that we do not know.


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Absolute most of piezo ceramics may work on as wish tiny power the same well as at maximum power. There are not any inherited hysteresis.