Question on where to attach cables for power booster DC-DC output

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So I've figured out the input, its show in figure 1 and the PWLED lights up, so I'm assuming its right and I was wondering why I couldn't get a voltage to register on the output. A close up of what I believe to be the output is detailed in Figure 2 and 3.

Figure 1: IMG_20200608_135551.jpg

Figure 2: IMG_20200608_135632.jpg

Figure 3: IMG_20200608_135814.jpg

Thanks for all the help, also if anyone knows an easier way to charge a capacitor to 400V plz let me know. In addition, I think this product has a variable voltage but I'm not sure how to change the output. Thanks (the product page is linked below which shows the product in a more descriptive manner)

Product Page: