Question about voltage divider on a transmission line


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zw1 is the numerator, goes on the top of the fraction.

zw2+z1 is the denominator, goes on the bottom.

zw2 and z1 are on the same branch, so they couldnt make a voltage divider together, it takes adding a branch.

I go the next step and start adding capacitors and more junctions and see if the voltdiv rule remains the same, but its hard as hell to predict it, even if the law is simple cause i just stuff it up consistently anyway...


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Hi guys,
i am working on this excersice and i dont understand why we didnt take Zw2 and Z1 in the voltage devider
Can you please explain to me?
If you could explain the circuit a little better it would be easier to understand. It's not entirely clear what parts are what it looks like some parts are part of the transmission line and some parts are not, but it's hard to be sure which is which.
If Zw2 and Z1 were single, discrete parts and the output was taken from the two nodes at the first dotted line and it had very low impedance, then the output would include Z1/(Z1+Zw2) but you should explain what the parts are better.
Also, are you typing a "U" or a "V" for the equations.