Question about Replacing a tablet battery.

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I have a newbie question about replacing a battery in an older tablet.

It's an older Kobo Arc 10HD that recently has been exhibiting some random screen touches,
and I traced it down to a faulty battery that was bulging and generating pressure on the screen.

I took the battery out, it was a 3.7V 24.2Wh battery, and inside I found what I assume was a charge
controller to which each of the 2 cells of the battery was wired into, so basically 2 cells 3.7V each.

As a test I wired it into some 1.2V rechargeable batteries giving me around 3.6V on each side,
and that was wired into the original charge controller that I took from the original battery,
and I was able to run the tablet as well as charge it.

My question is if I get two 3.7V 3000mAh cells and wire them to the controller, would that be ok?
For example this:
That should give me about 11.1Wh on each cell for a total of 22.2Wh.

Here's a picture of the original battery and also my test battery charging using 6 AA's ...

111.jpg 222.jpg

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That's what I thought, the only thing I wasn't sure about is re-using that controller board
that was originally in between the 2 battery cells, and now wiring the 2 new cells into it,
where each of the 2 new cells probably already uses a board of it's own (see ebay pic)

But I don't think it should cause any issues ...