question about powering solenoids for kinetic sculpture project

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Not to be mean about it, but it seems like you would rather we waste time trying to help you, rather than looking up the manuals for your controller. We don't know the model you have, but you do. I looked up the page on the manufacturers website for you, but you still seem to want to wait for an Email that may never come. I don't understand? And again NOT trying to be mean, but many people have been trying to help and you don't seem to want to help yourself. Hope I'm wrong in saying this. It is your project after all, so do what you please.

hi - sorry i should have mentioned in my last message, i checked the manuals on the manufacturer's website and from what i saw, although there is info about the Betadrive model (the one i linked to in post #21), i could not see any info regarding powering only one hoist instead of two. or if there is then my beginner's knowledge prevents me from seeing it :

i wasn't trying to waste anyone's time, i am just trying to use as many avenues as possible to solve the problem, one of which is emailing the company, and another of which is asking questions here on this forum thread. I've been working with and asking questions of friends too who may be able to help and i'm sure at some point it'll get figured out.

please be assured, i am extremely appreciative of all the responses on this thread so far

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It might be possible that the lockout system goes into the LA motor housing.
If we can identify all 5 leads, maybe the mystery can be solved ? That is a big order, maybe 25 combinations or 50 if there are active parts like diodes or Hall devices. If the traveling block is moved to center before measurements, then we might expect continuity on 3 pairs with one pair reading in 5 ohm range for the motor. If another wire shows continuity it might be the mystery
wire. If re plugged & moved block to one extreme end & conducting pairs might be identified as limit SW, moved to other end & other limit SW may be found. If there was a mystery wire , or pair, & it did not change in block movement then if same connections were made at control box socket , just maybe the dual requirement might go away ???


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Sorry I if I seemed rude. It wasn't my intention. We get so many here wanting help and not helping us help them.

That link was to the LA. The one you need is for the controller.