Question about power supplies and a DC-DC buck converter

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I am trying to create a flow sensor for my sprinkler system to detect if I have a blow out and my water flow exceeds a specific rate. I am using a ESP01 controller arduino device and a small switch to control if the master sprinkler value is tripped or not. I wanted to tie off the voltage that my existing sprinkler timer is using which is 24v dc. I pulled one of the power supply plugs from an unused timer and brought it in to test the voltage drop properly.

While I was testing for the proper output voltage, I heard a noticeable click on the power wart that was plugged in and now nothing is coming out of it.

The DC-DC converter I used is this:
eBoot Mini MP1584EN DC-DC Buck Converter Adjustable Power Step Down Module 24V to 12V 9V 5V 3V from Amazon.

Not sure if this is the correct device to reduce the 24v to 3.3v that I need for my ESP01.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.