Question about Ladder Diagram

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Hello everyone,

I feel kind of dumb because i know that this may not be too hard, but i have not been able to "catch" the concept of the Ladder Diagrams.

In this homework i had to do the logic for a Ladder Diagram. When "A" START is pressed, it must sequentially turn on M1 - M2 - M3 with a delay time of 5 seconds (each one). Then when "P" STOP is pressed the shutdown sequence must be M3 - M2 - M1 with a delay time of 10 seconds.

I already know that i have the START sequence correct : M1-M2-M3 every 5 seconds because i did the simulation and everything worked. But when i click the STOP "P" Button it just stops all at once, without a sequence.

What i alredy have is attached. In the image, what is supposed to be the control of the backwards sequence is circled in red.

I wanted to ask my professor for help but i have not been able to find him.
I would really appreciate if anyone could give me a hint or tip of how i can do the backwards sequence.

Thank you.