Question about Analog multimeter accuracy


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FS is Full Scale.
I think they use "arc" for the resistance ranges is because they specify the accuracy at half-scale.
Full scale on resistance is infinity. What is a percentage of infinity? (!)
So the accuracy is % of the number of degrees.
BTW: Some think that meters with a digital readout are more accurate. Not necessarily true! Just because the display says 1.334V (for example) does not mean that it is correct to the last (or any) digit!


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Thanks to everyone, just to be sure,
if 1000 DCV range (±3% F.S.) is selected,
then 3% of full scale 1000, 30 should be added/subtracted to/from reading values?
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then 3% of full scale 1000 = 30 should be added/subtracted to/from reading values?
It means the actual value can be anywhere within ±30 of the meter reading.

That relatively low accuracy (and low resolution) is why digital meters are usually preferred over analog meters.
The only advantage of a analog meter I see, is that you can more readily follow a slowly changing voltage.