Question about super resolution for analog or digital cameras

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Hello, I have a question regarding if anybody has any ideas on how to combine two digital camera feeds together to achieve a near real time super resolution, from two camera modules placed right next to each other, or slightly distanced. I have done some research on this topic , perhaps not enough, however I could not find a solution that I would be able to replicate without an extensive background of technical knowledge.

I am trying to combine two digital camera feeds from two flir lepton 3.5 thermal imaging modules to achieve a higher resolution for a hobby first person view use case, or possibly other digital output cameras. I have found a version of the flir lepton that outputs an analog signal, would this perhaps be an easier start to super impose the images with some kind of image processing to achieve a higher resolution. Also, latency would seem to be a concern, as well as the board used for micro uav platforms under the 250gram range. I know my question if a little out of order in terms of what I’m trying to achieve, I would just like to know if anyone has any pointers or could possibly provide assistance in this matter. This idea/ possible project would be for an rc fpv use case, so I wanted to know if there are any lightweight preexisting products that could achieve this (although I presume they would have to be custom made or have a high expense), with low latency of a couple milliseconds), or if a raspberry pi, or similar board, could achieve this.

I would like to know if anyone has any guidance on how this can be accomplished in a relatively lightweight form factor for micro quadcopters. Here is a link of what I am referring to, don’t know if anything on the market exists.

Thank you in advance.