Python for Electrical or Electronics Engineering

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Hi I am an electrical engineer (electronics and communication). I am interested in the hardware and I would like to know is there any particular python course for the electrical or hardware engineering. If so can anyone please provide me the link and the description of the course. I was wondering if i could see any, all I could find is the course related to computer science, data analytics etc.



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For any beginner like me, will it be sufficient to first study the basics of python and later switching to circuit python? Any pre-requisite knowledge necessary ?
I think learning the basics of Python would be very helpful, but if you already understand programming in general, you could just give it a shot and see how it goes.

Here are some general Python training materials you may find useful.


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The Raspberry Pi computer runs Python. This inexpensive single board computer when given a mouse, keyboard, and HDMI monitor is a powerful tool. You can get inexpensive break out boards to interface the 40 pins of I/O lines and power to any solderless breadboard to let you experiment with hardware.

I am currently using one to control a 6,000 cycle life test of an... (sorry, covered by ITAR and cannot be revealed).

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i just clicked on Circuit Python link:
" With CircuitPython, there are no upfront desktop downloads needed. Once you get your board set up, open any text editor, and start editing code. It's that simple. "

wow... how.. is that possible?
click on Getting Started:
"Installing Mu editor" hope it is friendlier than vi editor
"Installing CircuitPython"
" .... libraries...."

ok, here we go again ;-)
you can EDIT code with any text editor.... but you still need to get a whale (anaconda) lot of downloads.... :)
btw, thanks for this and all other suggestions...