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Can somebody tell me how to set the "VAC" and "iPRINT" parts?
Does the "VAC" part take to be sine or cosine ware? And does the "iPRINT" part follow what every "VAC" take for in terms of sine or cosine?
I'm always getting wrong results... HELP...o_O:confused:

More specifically, I'm trying to use PSpice simulating this circuit:

My drawing and setting are:

But I think my result is wrong, which is:

Looking at the answer of this question in the book and using Matlab I get:

I think this is the right answer. But I really can't tell where are my mistakes in that PSpice drawing so that it gives the wrong answer. Can somebody help me about that?

Thanks in advance!
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you only asked for one frequency.

Why not change your start and stop frequencies ... and increase the number of points.

I don't use pspice.