PSPICE mathematical function as voltage input

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    May 8, 2015
    Hey guys!
    Me and one fellow student are currently working on a short wave radio we need for one of our lectures. The revieved signal is amplitude-modulated and first needs to be demodulated. Therefor a simple low-pass filter should get us the envelope of the recieved high frequency signal.
    But before testing this circuit, i'd like to simulate it with OrCad PSpice.

    My problem is: Is there a possibility in PSpice to choose my own mathematical function as input voltage device for my circuit? Because the normal VSIN, VAC, VDC don't fit for my purpose.
    I thought about something like V(t) = 0.01*sin(10e6*PI*x)*sin(10e3*PI*x), which may not be the perfect solution, but sufficient for me. I'm thinking about only taking the positiv values of this plot. Unbenannt.PNG

    Thank you, already!
  2. mvaseem


    Jan 31, 2014
    You can easily do that in pspice.
    See the attached code and output images. V(out) is the whole plot and V(out1) is the positive value of this plot. output.png code.png