Proximity Sensor SR04 and Mega 2560 - Programming

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Sorry to be asking this question as I am very new in Arduino and the programming side.

I have been search online about SR04 and Mega 2560 because we are trying to test the proximity sensor and how we can apply it on our project.

I followed the connection I saw online, but the problem is when I do the program/code in arduino. I actually happened to make it work once but after that it is not giving values anymore when I am trying the sensor.. Also, found that the RX LED in Mega is not blinking only the TX.

Not sure where to start and how.


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Hi MD,
Welcome to AAC.
If the Mega is 'suspect' I suggest you try the simple Blink code in the Arduino examples, let us know the result.

Do you have the SR04 wired as per this digram.?