Proteus 8.6 Professional Importing Library with Library Loader v. 2.46

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm using a Proteus 8.6 Professional (provided from my University) on a old 32bit PC and it works pretty well. Now I'm trying to interfacing a particular Hitachi HD44780 LCD Display (drived with PCF8574 controller) via I2C with my PIC16F1829 microcontroller.

Now, inside Proteus, I found different Alphanumeric LCD (16x2, 20x4 ecc..) and I made the circuit, wrote the code and the simulation goes fine.

But if I write my PIC (with MPLAB and PICKIT3 Kit) and build the real circuit the LCD remain empty, nothing works.

This because the Proteus device is not the same as the one I have . Than googling around I found this Libray Loader.

With Proteus 8.8 and later it insert automatically the library downloaded from SamacSys Search Engine (by downloading the ECAD icon).

With earlier version of Proteus the instruction says to follow this procedure (the second part).

I tried that procedure but the device imported is not selectable from the Schematic View (select device button). I just manage to import the PCB footprint in PCB Layout tab and I don't know how to make it selectable from Schematic View as a device to design (and simulate) my circuit.

N.B.: I found this way (of Library Loader) but the goal is to import another device inside my Proteus than if there's any other way to do this please let me know.

Thanks a lot