ProTek P-2035 Information

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I just managed to acquire an old P-2035 for next to nothing. I have been an electronics hobbiest for some time, and do software engineering as a job. However, my oscilloscope experience is almost nil. I have been reading online, but would love some exact information on my scope (explanation of buttons, calibration, etc). Alas, the manual is nowhere to be found and I can't find it online either. If anyone has any additional information that would be great!

As a curiosity, the scope has a relatively new probe with it, but no ground lead; what would be the use case of something like that? Also, what happened to Protek; I was trying to call/find their website for additional info, but I guess I am missing some information being so new to this side of hobby electronics.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Post photos of the front face of the oscilloscope and of the probe and we will guide you on the function of each control.


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Although there are some functions available on some oscilloscopes and not in others, use is pretty universal. Look online for guides like this

the probes have ground points on them. If you look at the probe below there is an alligator clip that you connect to a ground point. You can use two probes to do differential measurements as well. Just be careful and read all the warnings. It is possible to create hazards around line level situations. Read up and play around. The probes are high impedance with parallel capacitance.


This is the manual for the 3502 but you may find it useful and similar.

have fun, and be safe