project review- control motor - speed and direction

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I build the following circruct to control motor speed and direction. can you please review it? do you think it will work in reality?
the components that i'm going to use are
PMOS - VP2106N3
npn - KSP2222A
the motor properties are:
 Operates .5 to 3 volts
 200ma start-up
 Runs at 80ma no load
 Low torque - high RPM's
 2mm shaft diameter
 Size 1" dia x 1 1/2" long with 6" lead wires

4 switch on left control the speed. 2 switch on right bottom control the direction. there is there the H-BRIDGE. 2 two opm amplifier should control the voltage the motor is getting. this way the input to the H-BRIDGE (the output of the upper OP amplifier) is moving from 833mV to 2.08V (in theory ). is it enough. does the mosfet will allow the the wanted current to follow through them?

ONE more thing: do you think that I can control the direction with with one switch?

it's is kind of university work, but I have to no limitation to consulate or to get help.
thank you :)


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