Project noob* repair my laptop Mobo on my own.

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Hi all,
One month ago my 7 years + old Fujitsu Siemens Ah530 laptop died. Ac charger blinks green when plugged in, nothing happens when I try to start the machine (PS: battery long time dead, I used the laptop always connected to the wall)
I bought a new one.
Yet a few days ago I wanted some old files from it (not urgently needed). And I thought to myself this:
I was not the best student of my local computer and information technology University; but I did learn about the 8086, did do some schematics of an 8086 configuration with different configuration and I did solder a bit for one specific 86 configuration. Maybe I could find the Mobo problem myself (challenge accepted)
I striped the Mobo naked and got it's number ( DA0FH2MB6E0 Rev E ) went through google and found the schematics and started testing and learning electronics as I should have at university:

I have:
The schematics, a multimeter, some screwdrivers, a hot air gun that blows 370 *C first step and 490 second step (I think it is to powerful and the gun point is to wide, maybe put picture of it), Will buy flux paste.

What I have done so far:
I have been studying the schematic and re-learning electronic principles. Searching for chips, resistors and capacitors from the schema where are they on the MOBO.
Used the multimeter to determin if power (20V) gies in past the power port (Yes it dose).
Read about the ISL88731A chip as I suspected this one first (it controls recharching of battery) but this chip seems to give out voltage (still not ruling this one out).

I want to first understand how the power control and machine start circuits work first and than do a element by element voltmeter test.

Any suggestions or advice ? I heard about pouring alcohol to find the short fast ? Dose this work ?

PS: Sorry for bad English not native speacker.