Project: 6-Digit LED Clock (Very Accurate)


Joined Aug 5, 2011
Looking good and it looks exactly like a school project...I mean the clock with the calendar, alarm,...and this was to be done without a watch chip for precise timing...but I didn't choose this project...


Joined Nov 3, 2014
Awesome... that decade counter is a really nice touch. I've never actually seen one used like that before. I guess I've only ever seen ripple counters before. I've seen people use multiplexers but that's about it... but then you need more lines from the uC.

I have a question about the 7-segment displays... Since you have 6x, only one will be on at a time (Just Muxd really fast) this means that they will be significantly dimmer if you size your resistor for rated current for the LED ... does this mean you push them to 6x rated current and since they're only on for a split second they will be alright?