Program a 16F18877 with PicKit2.

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Is it possible to make a InCurcuit programming with pcikit2 on this MCU ?

I need a MCU with at least 30 I/O and 28 kb space at least.
Any suggestions on another MCU that can be programed with PicKit2 ?


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Assuming you have a microchip MCU. And one supported by the pickit 2 then the chip can be programmed in circuit.

Microchip has a very good parametric search tool for each family.


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According to Microchip, your choices are PK3, ICD3 and RealICE. I would doubt if PK2 will support this very new chip. MPLAB-X says the same thing - specifically, PK2 is a red dot meaning no support for the chip. PM3 will program the chip as well.

You can see what the device support for PK2 is by looking in the readme files for MPLAB. For MPLABX for Windows, they are located in (on my machine anyway):
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For what it does, the PICKit 2 is way better than its successor, but it won't work with newer processors. If you want to use some of those later units, one way to do the programming is with a chip from Northern Software. They do make boards, but those are fairly pricy; if you can do the wiring, you can just buy the chip ($5 each, but then shipping costs another $10). It connects directly to the USB line and uses the low-voltage mode to program a PIC processor. I've checked, and the 16f18877 is included. I bought a couple of Northern Software's parts a few weeks ago and they've worked as promised. (I've got no connection with this company except as a customer.)